Dealing-with-stressStress is commonly defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. By definition, it implies often inevitable because life generally demanding. However, just because stress is inevitable doesn’t mean we should permit it to have the better of us. Remember we may not control what happens to us but we surely can control how we respond to it. Here are a few practical tips to help you cope with stress;

  1. Figure out the source of the stress. As soon as you realize a drop in your emotional state, be quick to figure out why the drop. Is it the job, the unpaid bill, the deadline for a project, family member conflict or the relationship you are in? Ask yourself all these questions and more depending on your lifestyle and identify the exact source of the stress. Figuring out the source of the stress is the first step to helping you draw an action plan.
  2. Identify what you can control and what you can’t. You cannot control everything; some things happen and there is nothing you could do about them and yet such things may be a cause of stress. Upon identifying the source of stress, look for what you can change and concentrate on that and what you can’t just let go; there is no gain in holding onto things that stress and yet you cannot control.
  3. Manage your time well. Poor time management usually leads to stress because of incomplete tasks that cause one to work under pressure of deadlines. Manage your time well to maximize it to the best of your advantage. Plan your activities with a proper timeline to each of them in order to ensure that each activity is done in the right time and exhaustively.86c73e954bd58cc11a9d99a52790
  4. Do what you love. Stress can be easier dealt with when most of your life is filled with activities you love. Even if your job is stress central, you can find one hobby or two that enrich your world. Identify things you are passionate about and carry them out. If you’re not sure, experiment with a variety of activities to find something that’s especially meaningful and fulfilling.
  5. Accept your mistakes. You are human just like everyone else around you, so you are not perfect. In the face of mistakes, accept them and let them go. Stressing about striving for perfection will not make the mistakes less than they are, rather learn from the experience and move on.
  6. Welcome humor. Laughter is quite a pill for curing stress. Welcome the funny moments, watch a video, or attend a comedy show and you will be amazed at the healing laughter will have on you.Laughing-Man-copy-copy-1200x798
  7. Take a time-out. Sometimes just a little time off activity may be all you need to relieve yourself of the stress you are going through. So request for some time off if you are in employment and use the time to relax and refresh yourself.
  8. Get enough sleep. Under stress, your body requires additional rest to allow you to refresh and get yourself together.



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